Thursday, 2 November 2017

Nastygal party

I looove this look on Demi! Senorita 😍😍😍  Hair back, red lips, little black dress - gorgeous. She is making a lot of press every day now, it's amazing! She attended a special party in London to celebrate Nastygal's pop up shop 💙

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Iconic Halloween

Demi and Alex spent Halloween at a fun park which was really cute, and Suki and her sista got reunited! Awww love it #twins 🐱🐱 Also Demi has an amazing collection of clothes with Missguided now, check it out! And she released a special set of pics for Halloween that are just gorgeous and iconic 💝

Gold chains

Demi Rose looked STUNNING at an award show last week. That dress is errrrr-thang. Also Suki is cute 😚 Just look at her chilling with Auntie Alex like a bawse 💓