Sunday, 31 May 2015

Crazy night in Providence

Boy, do Americans know how to party! Last night Taz's Angels hosted a night at Luna Night Club and the whole place was turnt... The Snapchat story was just crazy with girls twerking as good as naked all over the Angels and the whole club wilding out. Demi Rose also explained on Snap how she doesn't like to dance to hip-hop too much, she actually preferes Spanish music. She looked amazing as ever as only a Demi Rose can ;)

Demi Rose hits up Boston

Demi and the other Angels went to Lawrence, Boston to host a club night, and it all went off! There was a twerking contest and Dem was just casually in the middle of it taking Snapchat videos like, "OMG." It was very entertaining to watch what went down - Boston seems a lot wilder than Miami. Anyway, Demi was like a Latina goddess in the middle of this dance-off - her look was gorgeous.

Straggler pic from Taz's Angels house party:
On the way to Boston

Friday, 29 May 2015

Taz's Angels house party

Taz's mansion was THE place to be in Miami last night. The Angels hosted a "pre-game soiree" with Chris freaking Brown in attendance (OMG...) and things got pretty crazy before everyone decamped to a nearby club to see DJ Khaled and Chris perform How Many Times, the video of which features the Angels. What whaaat. The whole night looked like so much fun and Cat gave a very intimate look at the whole day beforehand. Her laugh makes us lol too much! Demi Rose was the centre of attention - she was styled as a Hollywood movie star with loose waves, red lipstick and a gorgeous black dress. Stunning!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bad gal Demi

She is literally perfect :))
 Bit of salsa with Leena ;)

Workout shawty

Demi has had a chilled couple of days, working out, harvesting mangoes on a walk with Ash, and doing some late night salsa with Leena (see next post) ;) Apparently each one of Taz's Angels are gonna be in charge of their Snapchat for one day a week...and we cannot wait for Demi's day! It's gonna be the best day of the week :p

Friday, 22 May 2015

Sweet & sour

Who else could pose with lemons and look this good? In other news, Demi will be travelling to Vegas this weekend - Taz's Angels are hosting an exclusive party with THE Floyd Mayweather! Amazing <3
Taz's Angels edit :))
Mani with AB