Thursday, 18 June 2015

Demi's fave snack!

So yesterday Demi and AB took a cab to attend Barry's Boot Camp gym and had a good work out, after which Kinky and Ash went to pick them up. Ash took along her water gun and got 'em good! In the evening the other Angels watched Orange is the New Black which Dem had never seen before and can't be bothered to sit around watching TV all day to catch up. The Angels were kinda mean to her over this and excluded her which we didn't like to see at all. Why be mean over a TV show? We feel ya, Dem, who wants to sit around all day in front of the TV. Especially in Miami, right? Leave our girl alone :D <3

Ash gunning for Demi and AB :')

A video posted by TazsAngelAsh (@ashleymartelle) on
Demi's fave snack looks yummy :P (Must be if she's eating it, right?!)

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