Saturday, 20 June 2015

Twitter Q&A

Demi Rose did a cute Ask Me Anything on Twitter yesterday and it was so much fun. Find out her nickname, her most embarrassing moment and the name for her fandom, after the jump ;))

 What is your favorite nickname for yourself?
I always get called Dem Dem or Dembo

What's one of your most embarrassing moments?
I once held up a coin to a bus driver because my friend told me to copy what she was doing... She held up a bus pass

What do you expect in a good friend?
Loyalty and trust

What kind of music do you prefer? 
All depends on the mood. My favourites are Reggaeton, Salsa, House and I love music from the 1950s

Are you and the Angels coming to England some time soon?
We are going to be in London the 27th and Manchester on the 30th

What's your favourite TV show? And what shows you currently watch?
Pretty Little Liars, Big Brother and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. I'm currently starting Orange is the New Black

How quick a judge of character are you?
I thought I was very quick but I've probably proved myself wrong at times

What's your favorite part about being an Angel?
The relationships I have in the house and the experiencesI make whilst we are travelling around the world

Is #WhiteAshWednesday the best day in history?
Yes it is... And the day I have laundry so my sheets aren't dried and I can sleep in Ashley Martelle's bed 

Have you ever thought about doing Cosplay?
I have a whole bunch of costumes, I love Cosplay it's my favourite! Yes I've once dressed as Catwoman

At what age did you first start modelling?

How tall are you?

How much do you squat?
I used to work out a LOT but I've probably squat once in 3 months now lol awful

Are you a sports fan? What kinds of sport do you like and what teams do you support?
Not really, I was never into sports at school and my mom would give me a sick note every week

Do you like kebabs?
In England I'd have a Sunday roast every Sunday and I'd cook it for my family. Deffffinitely that over kebabs

What's your favorite food?
Japanese... Sushi all day

Did you copy Leena's pose?
*crying with laughter emoji*

Have you ever been to France?
Yes I have been to Paris twice, I loved Disneyland

Are you enjoying your time in the US?
 I love it. There's no place like Miami!

Do you like going to see movies?
 I love watching Scary films at the cinema... every time a new one would come out I'd be the first one to see it

Are you strictly an XBox person or do you use other systems?
I enjoy all gaming but XBox is my favourite

Andddd our question...what should fans of Demi Rose call themselves?

LOVE this girl way too much <3

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