Monday, 31 August 2015

Smoky brown

This look is so Demi <3 Full tutorial coming soon on TazsAngelsBeautyBar IG account :)) And Demi works out with Ashley after the jump ;)
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Saturday, 29 August 2015

BBLU St Louis

Taz's Angels took their World Tour to St Louis, Missouri last night and Demi Rose was looking fineeee <3

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Demi Thursday: opening Snaps

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Demi got her fans to send her snaps and they were soooo funny, especially the girl who did impressions of all the Angels :D and the person who couldn't stop staring at Demi's toe>>>>

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Girl drama

So yesterday Demi Rose was just randomly snapping in the bathroom and just happened to spot AB's panties hanging on the shower in the background :D uh-oh...this sparked a huge debate in the house about what's normal in Dominican households, whether AB should wash her panties with detergent and put them away in her closet... I bet Demi wished she'd never said anything, so cute hehe ;)

Get your eyebrows on fleek

Demi Rose tries out Anastasia Dipbrow <3

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And a charcoal mask for perfect skin
Activated charcoal mask🌚 I’m loving this face mask right now! Activated charcoal is carbon that’s treated with oxygen. It’s used to treat gastrointestinal issues and counteracts ingestion of poisons and drugs. It makes a great face mask because it’s very porous and absorptive drawing substances to itself. These qualities make it great for clearing up blemishes and cleansing your skin of toxins. You may have even heard of the activated Charcoal mask from the brand Origins . Ingredients 2 activated charcoal capsules 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel or juice 5 drops tea tree oil 1 pinch sea salt Mix all the ingredients together. Apply a thin even layer all over your face. Allow the mask to dry and then wash off. ***Somethings to keep in mind when dealing with activated charcoal: It can be a bit messy and stain things. Other than that it’s easily rinsed off with water from skin and non porous surfaces, and can be washed out of clothing.*** #BBLU #TazsAngelsBeautyBar πŸšΊπŸ’•
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Monday, 24 August 2015

New prospects

Demi invited a couple of hot new girls to see what Cat thought of them - they all went for a night out after a pregame soiree ;) There would be waaaay more pics but the Angels snap story was so long it actually killed my iPad :')

Lunch date + hot new nails

Demi Rose and her sisterwives all got to go out for a nice lunch courtesy of Taz yesterday. After that Demi got an amazing manicure by Krokaine who does the most incredible nail art. Love what Demi chose in the end :D

Sunday, 23 August 2015

When Taz's Angels have a house party

Here's more pics and video from Friday night. All the sisterwives were up till 7am as they got Taz's new assistant Devon used to the Angel way of life. Shots were taken and music was played. This was the best Snap story of all time :'))

Vampy makeup tutorial

Beautiful <3

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Videos from Demi Thursday

Yaaas Demi!
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Snapshots from Demi Thursday

Demi Rose was so much fun on the Snap happy she's back :D Her #TreehouseConfession was that she hated school and never liked anyone there :')) ahahaha you got the last laugh Dem Dem.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Get it tight

Last night on Snap Demi was trying out a new collagen face mask, she also showed us how she gets her body so toned, and did a fun Twitter Q&A!

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Demi Rose up do

<3 this gorgeous look! Demi was on Twitter asking how she could wwatch British TV...guess she is missing home just a little bit hehe ;)

BAKED PARMESAN ZUCCHINI CRISPSπŸ˜‹ @tazsangelsbootcamp INGREDIENTS 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 cups Panko breadcrumbs ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese 2 zucchinis, thinly sliced to about ¼-inch thick rounds 3 large eggs, beaten 1 tsp dried oregano salt and pepper INSTRUCTIONS 1. Lay out a couple paper towels and place the zucchini rounds on the paper towels. Sprinkle zucchini with salt on both sides. Cover zucchini slices with more paper towels and press down them. Leave for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you will notice that the paper towels are wet and the zucchini slices are pretty dry. 2. Preheat oven to 400 F degrees. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. 3. In a shallow plate, combine Panko breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, oregano and season with salt and pepper if preferred; set aside. 4. In another shallow plate add the flour which you also need to season with salt and pepper. 5. In a 3rd plate beat eggs, with salt and pepper. 6. Start dredging zucchini rounds in flour, dip into eggs, then dredge in Panko mixture, pressing to coat. Place zucchini slices on prepared baking sheet. 7. Repeat until all zucchini slices are done. One large baking sheet was enough for me. 8. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes, or until the zucchini rounds are golden and crispy. 9. Serve with your favorite dip.
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Running errands

Demi went with Ashley and Taz's new assistant Devin to get snacks and other good stuff for the Angels trip to Amsterdam later this week. They met one of their fans!

Makeup extra fleeky

This look is super gorgeous. Video review of Laura Mercier setting powder after the jump :D

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Exfoliating face mask

Love all of Demi's tutorials <3
#MaskMonday #MaskSeries Part 4. Nutmeg Microdermabrasion and Exfoliator This treatment is GREAT for oily skin and acne. Nutmeg has incredible astringent, antibacterial, and antiinflammatory properties, making it a good choice for people with acne-prone skin. Plus, the lactic acid in the milk will act as a very gentle peel for that annoying dead skin that clings to pimples for days. This treatment is also GREAT for dry skin. Nutmeg is used in tons of treatments for eczema; in addition to its great antibacterial properties, it’s also super nourishing for the skin. So not only are you sloughing off dry, dead skin, you’re nourishing the underlying layers in the process. And the milk, here, will also help with exfoliating–but it also offers fantastic moisturizing properties. If you have super dry skin, you could even use heavy cream in lieu of the milk. 1 Tbsp ground nutmeg 1 Tbsp whole milk 1 small bowl Combine the nutmeg and milk in the small bowl, stirring well. Starting with a clean face, massage the nutmeg/milk mixture lightly over your face in small circles, always moving upwards. After you’ve exfoliated for 5-10 minutes, rinse well with warm water and pat dry. When I’ve done this, I haven’t wanted to add any moisturizer on top for a few hours. My skin just feels too perfect to add anything to it. πŸšΊπŸ’• #BBLU #TazsAngelsBeautyBar πŸ’•πŸšΊ
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Poor Demi! She said she was so drunk after the club on Sunday that she threw up on herself in bed and that Taz came to see if she was all right but she was talking nonsense :'D And Ashley had to sleep next to her covered in sick :D However she was soon back to her gorgeous groomed self and posted the beautiful makeup look above. Fuh-leek!