Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Exfoliating face mask

Love all of Demi's tutorials <3
#MaskMonday #MaskSeries Part 4. Nutmeg Microdermabrasion and Exfoliator This treatment is GREAT for oily skin and acne. Nutmeg has incredible astringent, antibacterial, and antiinflammatory properties, making it a good choice for people with acne-prone skin. Plus, the lactic acid in the milk will act as a very gentle peel for that annoying dead skin that clings to pimples for days. This treatment is also GREAT for dry skin. Nutmeg is used in tons of treatments for eczema; in addition to its great antibacterial properties, it’s also super nourishing for the skin. So not only are you sloughing off dry, dead skin, you’re nourishing the underlying layers in the process. And the milk, here, will also help with exfoliating–but it also offers fantastic moisturizing properties. If you have super dry skin, you could even use heavy cream in lieu of the milk. 1 Tbsp ground nutmeg 1 Tbsp whole milk 1 small bowl Combine the nutmeg and milk in the small bowl, stirring well. Starting with a clean face, massage the nutmeg/milk mixture lightly over your face in small circles, always moving upwards. After you’ve exfoliated for 5-10 minutes, rinse well with warm water and pat dry. When I’ve done this, I haven’t wanted to add any moisturizer on top for a few hours. My skin just feels too perfect to add anything to it. πŸšΊπŸ’• #BBLU #TazsAngelsBeautyBar πŸ’•πŸšΊ
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