Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Demi's big night

Ahhh! So everyone is buzzing about Demi Rose this morning - she has broken through to the mainstream media big time and is one of the top stories on the Daily Mail, to give just one example. Her dress was over-the-top and incredible, she truly looked spectacular! If you've seen her snap story from last night, you'll know how many paparazzi were following her down the street. Her hair and makeup were flawless and gorgeous 😍 As for the magazine cover's already iconic. You can purchase it HERE to see all the pics and read a brilliant interview with Demi, where she discusses Tyga, the kind of guys she likes, and of course...nuts! #NutsNutsNuts 😂 Our Queen is on top of the world 👑

Great to see Demi with Gavin Glave. He takes the best pics of her 💟

Awwww 💕

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